BFF Systen - Win free cash

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BFF Systen - Win free cash

Mensagem por Elfo em Dom Out 30, 2011 1:16 pm

BFF - Best Friend Forever, it's a systen disponible only in kau, and probably wont come for others servers ( because people wont buy cash ?? )
This systen it's like a couple systen, you send a invite to a person with no BFF.After it every game you play (with the person or not, is the same) you win "i" points, when you hit 100% you win an amount of cash and go to next bff level, more harder, more cash....

The BFF systen give you promotional cash, you cant send gifts with it.

How to do a BFF:

1- Right click in the person you want to make and click: 절친 맺기

Too see your BFF in room, just right click in yourself and click 절친 정보:

BFF level:
In sequence: Level / Cash you win / Cash that you already won, since 1st lvl / Rounds that you need to play to win 1% per person/ Rounds that need to level 100% per person / Hours to level / Total hours since 1st level

Credits: Jojo for give me the image
PS: O Tempo de um round esta contado como 2minutos e 48 segundos. A musica "Devil's Beat" 166bpm tem 2minutos e 20 segundos.
The time of a round was calculeted in 2minutes and 48seconds: The song "Devil's Beat" 166bpm have 2minutes and 20seconds + score and ready

Jogo muito pouco agora =s

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