Date Planne [Mission Guide]

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Date Planne [Mission Guide]

Mensagem por Elfo em Qui Dez 01, 2011 7:18 pm

The Date Planner is a item that you buy in couple shop.There are 3 items: 1 is den (its for sunday missions) others 2 are for others days and they cost cash (1,2k each one) and it works for 12 days (using or not, it will count)
Each day you do the mission you win a heart point, after you get the last heart, it will come back to level 6 heart until you do the plane mission.Also you can win 10-20 hearts each day.

Atention: The missions may change every week.The number of people in the room is always the last number in planner + 2 (If it shows 0 , means need 2 people: you and your couple; 4: full room, etc).


Jogo muito pouco agora =s

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